N-Judah with an aversion to westward travel

Last night, @sunaena alerted us to a bit of a mishap (intentional understatement) on the N-Judah. Here are her tweets:

9:09 p.m.: commotion in the N outbound.Door is stuck and power is out. Greaaaat!

9:16 p.m.: after rolling backwards for a sec the door has finally opened.

I’ve been on an M-Ocean View whose steps got stuck as they were being lowered (coming out of SF State and into Ingleside). We sat there, and sat there, and sat there, steps mid-retracted, doors flinging open and closed. Half of me wanted that Muni Metro car to go all Transformers, with me in it.

It’s never fun when Muni breaks. But sometimes we just have to make the most of our half-functional transit system.

Let us hear some of your more unusual breakdown stories in the comments.

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  • Marcie

    On Tuesday I was on an outbound L stopped right outside West Portal and the front door on the inside (left) just opened randomly. Then the train went out of service (of course) and there seems to be a bunch of other door problems on trains lately. Sheesh….

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