Best Song to Serenade Your Muni Sweetie

Photo by James Vonbaron

Ed. Note: Rider James Vonbaron sent in this story about one sure-fail way to win over your Muni sweetheart.

I was on Muni headed to Church one afternoon. It was packed, but not like sardines (as it is sometimes). There was a girl next to me who seemed so sweet and a short old man comes on with his MJ t-shirt and dark thick sunglasses. He can’t find a seat so he stands next to the girl and begins to sing into her ear, “I’m only going to break,break…your heart”(obnoxiously!).

I felt bad for the girl. A man offered a seat for him to sit in (probably in hopes that he would stop singing), but the old man sat down and stopped singing. I got off my exit and a few steps back I heard the old man shouting out the song again. I picked up the pace and exited the station.

If you’ve been living under a rock or listening to some other over-played song on the radio, here’s Taio Cruz’s Break Your Heart, just for good measure. – Eugenia

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