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  • Danielle

    A long, long time ago…
    I took the 30 between downtown and the Marina for work. My bus driver home was always Andrew (though I didn’t know his name then).

    A long time ago…
    I would commute between Fulton & Arguello to Powell and back for work. The way to work was the 5, but the way back was the 21 (since the 5 turns around at 6th after a certain hour). My bus driver was Andrew! Always.

    After I introduced myself and told him I used to ride the 30 with him, we got to talking every night on my commute home. I learned all about Muni’s crazy pay rules (hazard pay when working after a certain hour, etc) and how muni drivers got their routes.

    That is no longer my bus, so I am sad to say I don’t see Andrew anymore. He is/was a great driver 🙂

    p.s. the 21 is 3121x better than the 31-Balboa at night!

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