Sittin’ in the waiting room … ahhhh

Photo by davitydave

We posted the above photo in last Friday’s Weekend Photos, and we let that be that. We never got a chance to ask the obvious: WTF? So, yeah, WTF? How did dude get that big-ass chair down to the platform? How did he also get that dog down there, muzzle-less? And was this part of some elaborate prank? Or was he simply furniture-shopping? Did he take said items on Muni with him?

Also, more fun waiting-for-Muni photos:

Waiting for the 48
Photo by WarzauWynn

Photo by andy54321

Turf Wars
Photo by Troy Holden

underwear guy and muni bus
Photo by stevendamron

True love waits. And waits.
Photo by Justin.Beck

Steady Freakout
Photo by Nick.Fisher

Street's got my heart
Photo by juicyrai

Empty Bus Stop Park
Photo by rick, previously featured on Muni Diaries here


  • JC

    There is something about the chair where it’s not supposed to be, isn’t there?

    Recently, while helping someone move, we had occasion to take a love seat and put it out on the sidewalk on Sacramento Street. We had put it on craigslist and someone planning on taking it to Burning Man (and setting up a tent of couches) was coming to pick it up.

    So, we had the couch out on the sidewalk and decided to sit down and wait for the guy. A series of 1’s went by and, almost to a person, everyone in a window stared (some waved). A lot of people who went by at least said hi, some stopped and (gasp) talked. On that part of Sacto, that can be sort of a mixed blessing but if you live on a street with a sidewalk that’s couch-capable and you want to get to know the neighbors, put out a couch. You’ll be surprised at the results. (Take the couch with you when you’re done of course.)

  • Rob Nagle

    Nice use of Fugazi song title!

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