MTA Sound System

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@kmcvey56 had an idea that piqued our interest. She tweeted:

I think San Francisco would be a happier place if they just played music on Muni (Norah Jones perhaps?!)

I don’t know about how her choice of tune-age, but I do wonder whether a soundtrack would help ease some of the pain of Muni commutes. One could argue that many routes already come equipped with passenger-selected musics. But I’m thinking something like a built-in, jukebox-like system, embedded in Muni vehicles, deejayed by a rotating group of passengers. We can dream …

What would you play on Muni, if you got the reins for day?


  • JC

    I think it would vary by line. My most-ridden ones:

    30 – Something R&B-ish (specifically Atlantic R&B artists – Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, maybe some Motown too) Line desperately needs for its music to move even if the coaches don’t. And a sing-along or 2 would not hurt.

    1 – Classical. Just seems appropriate when you make it up the big hill(s) and then speed down them. Lots of Beethoven. Maybe a brief switchover to NPR between Gough and say, Spruce?

    22 – Something relaxing. This line needs no more tension. In line with its namesake/where it passes by, some Fillmore jam bands. Allmans, Phish, etc…

    39 – Tony Bennett – you know the song. On continuous loop. Let them suffer.

  • How about some white noise? That could be good. I also wouldn’t mind some NPR (minus pledge drives, of course!) Their voices are always soothing to me, and we could become the best educated city in the world if we listen to enough Morning Edition.
    I can just picture the Jr. High kids saying, “I heard it on NPR!”

  • Sam Foster

    Oh please no! While I understand the sentiment all that is going to happen is cell phone users and other yappers will just talk THAT much louder.

  • Put me in charge of the 49 and you’ll be hearing old school Bob Marley all day long, you know, the songs beyond Legend, so everybody can chill out, be nice, give your seat to old folks and kids (and ladies with high heel shoes), and just zone out a little on the ride…

    As much as I love NPR, I don’t know about playing it on the bus, though. I can imagine a big political debate escalating into something crazy. Oh wait, that would make a great Muni Diaries story. Hmm.

  • BC

    Roedelius and Moebius

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