I didn’t go to Burning Man. Burning Man came to me.


Take it away, bhautik joshi:

True story of San Francisco: Why is this photo blurry? Ostensibly it’s taken from a window of a moving bus, but the real reason we were moving quickly is because we were being chased by giant twinkies. That’s right, giant, articulated four-ton twinkes, scooching their way caterpillar-like up Columbus Avenue, flattening Democrats and Republicans alike as they brought their sugary wrath upon North Beach. The whole episode came to a sticky end when the twinkies became jammed in the Broadway tunnel, at which point the kids from the nearby school swarmed out and ate the twinkies to death. Such a sad end for these beautiful, terrifying creatures.

Taken with the galactic bendycam 19.

On a separate note: I am so outta here for the next three weeks*. Play among yourselves, and spare Eugenia’s sanity as much as humanly possible.

* Hell no, I’m not going to the dirty, hot desert to dance. It’s my honeymoon, people. Mediterranean, here we come!


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