Clipper’s Revenge

Via @lindseyattebery, we see what all our collective bitching about Clipper is getting us. The guy in the aisle seat’s expression says it all.

The video won’t  make any sense if you don’t have audio on. Turn on your audio, but maybe not too loud. And consider yourself warned.


  • Poor guy! Wonder why he didn’t move seats right away….yikes Clipper!

  • Ace

    I was on an N where the Clipper machine by the back door was doing this same thing about a month ago. A guy standing near it figured out he could stop the noise if he pressed on it with both hands in a certain way, but he obviously couldn’t keep doing that all the way from 9th to downtown. Eventually someone told the driver, who came back and fixed it. Moral of the story: alert the driver, I guess. Also, reason #37 I’m still clinging to my paper Fast Pass – Clipper machines always seem to be out of service (much like half of the brand-new fare gates at Montgomery Station this week).

  • JD

    I was on a 28 19th Ave that started doing this … it started at Taraval and went pretty much all the way to Richardson (where we got off).

    The driver didn’t seem to know how to fix it.

  • Jim

    Was on a 49 earlier and the reader was already going off. All the driver did was turn off the bus and turned it back on. Not sure if that was the proper way to do it, but it did the trick.

  • phlavor

    Yeah my paper fast pass never did that. What was wrong with those again?

  • TPK

    Happened on the F line a couple of months ago as well. Very sorry to hear it wasn’t an isolated incident.

  • Oh my God, I had to deal with this when I was on the 9 a couple weeks back…kept beeping NONSTOP…Driver tried to stop it by turning it off and turning it on again, but it started again…

  • danielle

    Had that happen on the second car of the N…. some girl tagged her card and set it off. She tried to futs with it by tagging it again, hoping it would stop, but it didn’t. Eventually she just looked sheepish and walked back further on the train. I got up to the first car and told the driver… he came back to the 2nd car and just pressed some button in the drive cabin of the 2nd car and it stopped.

  • A Vuncular

    Happened to the front-door Clipper reader Sept. 30 on an outbound F streetcar on Market from Third Street all the way to Seventh Street. Driver fiddled with it at each stop, often delaying our journey when he missed the traffic light. Finally stopped it.

  • laura

    happened on BOTH clipper card readers on the T from about ucsf mission bay all the way to powell – and kept going. this one guy tried to tag his card, it did the 3 beep. then he did it again and it starts going off. so he walks over to the second clipper reader, tags it, and it goes off as well. two simultaneously.

  • 27 Bryant, 11 am today.

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