Baby Witnesses a Series of Blunders on the 21-Hayes

did you know it's legal to drink on muni?
Photo by arlen

Ever tried explaining what happens on Muni to a kid? Muni rider and mom June has this story to share:

On Tuesday at about 5 p.m. my 19-month old daughter and I boarded the 21-Hayes inbound for our trip home from daycare. We took seats up front in the handicapped section; the bus was fairly empty so I let my daughter have her own seat rather than keeping her on my lap. Sitting directly across from us was a surly, obviously drunk man. He was issuing a stream of salacious comments in the direction of woman who had taken a nearby seat, to the tune of, “You’re a fuckin’ skinny bitch but you have a big BUTT!” After a few minutes of that she replied, “Asshole!” and moved to the back of the bus.

Now my daughter and I were the closest targets. He looked straight at my daughter and said, “Well you’re a pretty little baby! You look just like my…GRANDDAUGHTER! Want to see a picture?!” He pulled out a cell phone, poked some buttons, then leaned across the aisle to show us a photo of a baby girl (cute, actually).

At that moment the bus was headed up the steep bit of Hayes near Alamo Square. The drunk man lost his balance and rolled about 6 feet down the aisle toward the back of the bus. He landed pretty hard on a row of seats and shouted, “OWWW! I broke a rib!”

The bus came to a halt in the middle of the street, passengers started screaming, some people got up to help the guy – pandemonium. The doors were open so I decided it would be a good time to exit. My daughter, who is just learning to talk, told me, “Ride bus. Man fall down. He owwie.”


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  • jeremiah blume

    you tell em uma fall down and go ouch

  • Daishin

    I think people who move to San Francisco should understand one thing about the city, and that is: this is NOT suburbia! If you want to raise your rug rats in a totally protected, unaware and middle class environment, move to Concord or San Jose. I’m a native San Franciscan, and I expect almost anything and everything to happen walking or riding around this city. It’s always been a place where people have fled to to escape the more mundane lifestyle of middle America. I certainly like it the way it is. Over the years I have watched many young people come here, meet their mates, get married and have kids: then they are surprised that it’s not a place for children. Nor do I think it should be. If you’re ready to open your own mind, then you should be ready to allow the minds of your offspring to be opened as well. If not, then run away to suburbia and join the bridge and tunnel crowd.

  • jeremiah blume

    daishin as you do not know the person that wrote this and i do. i have a child and you were once a kid living in sf. chill the F@@@ out we have no problem with the city. i want my kid to grow up in the city and see the great things that happen here good or bad. as far as my friend that wrote this it is her perspective of her ride on the bus. if you have a problem with kids living in the city then you move to the suburbs i will stay.

    • Daishin

      jeremiah (i use the lower case because it is so hip these days), I’m only relating what I have seen over time. Even former supervisors and their families are leaving the city. I am a fourth generation San Franciscan, so I take issue with most ALL newcomers. Taking care of children demands that all the citizens contribute to their welfare whether we want to or not. I personally feel that children are being raised as privileged creatures these days…pampered and spoiled by their parents. Mark my words, if you have children and don’t have big bucks, you’ll be out of here in no time.

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