Weekend Photos: Life on Muni Metro

Meanwhile On Muni
Photo by davitydave

Things are really ramping up ahead of our next Muni Diaries Live, on Oct. 29 at the Make-Out Room. We’ve got some amazing surprises (and prizes!) lined up, and I really think this event could be our best yet. (Will this one really be our fourth?)

Thanks for bearing with me as I emerge from a two-week-long acclimation. Eugenia was kind enough to let me put this post together, which should be the final step. Your Muni stories and photos help out tremendously in that regard. And while yesterday was one of those familiar low points for Muni (computer breakdowns causing systemwide Muni Metro delays, fatal collision between a bus and cyclist), it’s nice to know that … well, um, hey, the Giants are hot-hot-hot! 🙂

Speaking of, here’s my pro-tip for getting to the ballpark: BART to Powell, then walk. Yes, I’m advocating not taking Muni. It’s Indian Summer out there, so take advantage of it. Also, Third Street during the playoffs is unlike your everyday Third Street: It’s lined with make-shift merchants who’ve come out of the woodwork to sell you stuff and get you hyped for the game.

But this is all neither here nor there. Here is the week in Muni news:

  • SFMTA move curbs sick calls (SF Examiner)
  • Woman in Pajamas Slaps Muni Bus Driver (SF Weekly)
  • Muni officials working on a smart phone app (ABC 7/KGO)
  • Scott Wiener: Muni ‘Beyond Incompetent’ (SF Weekly)
  • Muni floats ideas to improve service (City Insider/SFGate)

Enjoy your weekend, and go, Giants!

Muni N-Judah Line
Photo by SunKING1791

Go further
Photo by KayVee.INC

Mind the Gap
Photo by Roshan V

10-1-08 muni noise
Photo by republicofaustin

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