Wishing Upon a Muni Genie

secret transit portrait: wishing for home
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With the upcoming election and a contentious Muni ballot measure, there’s a lot of talk on what can be done to improve our transit riding experience. So, what’s on your Muni wish list?

The last time we asked you the same question in March last year, you told us that on-time performance, more frequent services, and a fix for backdoor boarding were on the top of your list. This time around, do you have new wishes or solutions that you think should be considered?

For me, after my recent trip to Rome, on the top of my wish list is increased frequency for buses and trains. In my version of nirvana, the funding/operation for that would come from a combination of state and federal funding. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

So, tell us, what would you wish for if a genie popped out of a bottle you found on Muni?


  • At this point, if we could have meltdowns once a month instead of twice a week, it would be a massive improvement.

    I’d also ask for reliable *weekend* service. It’s like they don’t have any management on the weekend and everything stops running on time.

  • My wish list (in no particular order):

    1: Fix the automated announcement system on buses so the bell and stop names can interrupt the lengthy reminder messages spoken in three languages. Some of the drivers don’t hear the bell, so they skip the stop.

    2: New policies: If you stink, you don’t ride. No clipping nails, make it city law so tickets can be issued for basically a health hazard violation.

    3: Automated announcements should mention line transfers, just like how the electric trolley fleet used to have.

    4: Nextbus stop ID numbers on stops w/no nextbus electronic signage. Locations like flag signs or next to yellow rectangular bus stop marking on pavement.

    5: Priority signals for the F-Market between Ferry Building and the Wharf, N/T trains between Embarcadero and Caltrain, and T trains along third street route.

    6: Legalize rear door boarding for passes, Clipper and valid transfers on major trunk lines.

    7: Installing ticketing machines to pre-pay for rides at major stops to reduce the long wait to pay by cash on vehicle. Much needed on F-Market stops at Ferry Building and Pier 39.

    • My only problem with pre-payment is that the way it’s implemented on Muni combined with the unreliability means you could end up paying for a 90 minute transfer, but by the time the bus/train comes it’s already a 75 minute transfer.

      It would be nice if there was a ticket validation system on the vehicle — all it would have to do is apply a time stamp.

  • >>the funding/operation for that would come from a combination of state and federal funding.<<

    This is a good idea, but this also means more taxes. I will not complain about taxes if they are used for things to help people at the ground level. However, we have too many people who want services but do not want to pay the taxes. Someone has to pay.

    • For the record, I am insane. I like paying taxes. No, really, I do. Always have. I can always afford to pay a little more, too. My point, though, is that government be better about how it spends its money. Also, SF has a long history of throwing money at a problem in the hopes of solving it. But I hear what you’re saying about people’s attitudes toward paying higher taxes. To generalize, people love to complain about how terrible things are, but the moment they’re asked to sacrifice a tad, they balk.

  • citi-zen

    I wish for….
    management that can manage – that works like air traffic control to pace busses, not let them bunch up.

    I wish for….. management that uses their brains, so when the Giants have a sold out sunday afternoon game, they run the N’s to the ballpark to get the people there!

    I wish for…… drivers that repect the paying customers, that lower the bus so you can step on, that announce information in a language spoken recognizable to most people on the bus, and that know how to turn their gps’s on so they show up on next bus!

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