iPhone band jam on NYC Subway

To state the obvious: If only we had some next-level version of live music riding around on our public transportation. Wow.

The band is Atomic Tom. The vehicle is NYC Subway. And no, you don’t need no stinkin’ 3G signal to make those sounds …

Thx: @recraps


  • Wow…it’s a hipster explosion. I’ll look for them on the next iPhone commercial.

  • wawaaa

    Better than the people who listen to music without headphones through their phones for the whole bus to hear and sing along.

  • SFJack

    Not to nit pick, but that does not look like an NYC subway… trains in NY on MTA have all seating against the wall of train not seating that faces front/back of train.

    • SFBob

      Not correct, Jack. Cars on some lines in NY look like the one here–not all have sideways seating only. These cars have hard orange seats just like those seen here.

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