Not even for a pop celebrity?

At the Treasure Island Music Festival last night, during Belle and Sebastian‘s head-lining set, affable frontman Stuart Murdoch asked the audience for fashion tips. It went something like this:

“Should I wear the hat? Well, see, earlier I was on the J-Church and when I got off, I left me hat on board. I tried to knock on the door, but the driver wasn’t having any of it.”

Sound familiar?

Besides being so danceable and amazing, B&S’s set referenced our fair city a couple of times (“Piazza, New York Catcher” and “Sukie in the Graveyard”). He was looking at the rad view of the city from Treasure Island, made even more beautiful by the Giants-orange-lit Coit Tower.

Perhaps one of Murdoch’s thousands of admiring SF fans can urge him to write a song that at least mentions Muni? I can see it, actually. The term “J-Church” rolled off his Scottish lips so easily …

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