The World Series Begins: Go, Giants!

Baby Kimmy and mom Shirley spotted on an inbound M-Ocean View.

Jackelyn is out surveying the scene on Muni ahead of Game 1. Above and below are some shots she captured.

Not crowded just yet, but the energy is off the charts!

The crowds on an inbound T-Third around 230 p.m.

Below, from @ChrisGembinski, “Even Muni is cheering on @SFGiants”

AgentAkit took the next photo in 2002, the last time the Giants went to the World Series. Of course, Muni Diaries hadn’t been launched at that time. And some of you probably didn’t live in SF yet.

2002 World Series - Muni Metro

Akit says, “On the second night [of the ’02 series], the train going home was crowded, but someone on the train started singing ‘Bye Bye Baby’ and everyone on the train sung along.” Sadly, that Giants team ended up losing the World Series.

Check out these photos of Giants fans on Muni from last weekend, when the team won the National League pennant. If you have pictures of Giants fans on Muni before or after today’s game, send them our way!

And here’s hoping Muni runs smoothly (heh) and the Giants do a better job this time!

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