Jumper on the 38BX!

Photo by Tom Prete

Anthony saw some shit go down on the 38BX the other day.

The 38BX-Geary B Express heading downtown in the morning goes along the same route as the regular 38-Geary for a while, then turns off of Geary, onto Presidio and continues down Bush. Almost every day someone gets on and looks dumbstruck when the bus makes that turn (off of Geary). It’s an oh-crap-i’m-on-the-wrong-bus face.

So one morning, this young thugged-out kid is wearing that face as the bus approaches the turn, passing his requested stop. He starts freaking out and hitting the back doors … and then poof! The doors open … while the bus is still going about 10-15 mph.

The kid leans out the doors and ponders his next move. Meanwhile, some lady right behind him doesn’t move toward him at all but reaches out her arm and yells, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” and then he leaps from the bus, tries to land on his feet, and fails miserably.

He does a few rolls and quickly gets up. Luckily, he doesn’t get hit by a car. Then, about 30 feet later, the bus stops at its next scheduled stop. The oblivious driver says, “Did somebody just jump off?” and someone else says, “Yeah, but he’s okay.” And we just keep on truckin’.

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