World Series Undoes Normal BART Boredom

Jenny is a fan of the Giants and public transportation.

BART is boring. I used to live in San Francisco and loved riding Muni. There’s just general coolness going on around you at all times. Plus, you’re above ground so you get to take in the sites.

BART is another story. People are expressionless and generally in a sour mood. And you’re below ground so you see squat for scenery.

But the World Series changed that normal dourness on BART on Thursday night. On my ride to the city, the BART conductor announced the score mid-game. Post-game, on my ride home to the East Bay, people were talking to one another for once. There were cheers and smiles all around. People even gave up their seats for once.

That night was almost as good as Obama winning 2008 elections. Almost.

Go, Giants!

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