• JC

    At some point, I’m going to be bitter but I’m just pleased that my Day 1 Clipper experience worked without a hitch. Pass loaded and avoided the dreaded beep-beep-beep!

    Oh, and go Giants!!

  • Gotta love those “woulda been” Fast Pass colors, right?

  • Amy

    Ugh, I got the beep beep. My husband’s pass was loaded on his way to work. On his way home, the reader deducted $2. Hmmmm.

  • BCon

    Actually, I think that’s the real pass. The M (Muni Only) Fast Pass is going to be sold through March 2011.

    It’s the A (Muni/BART) Fast Pass that had its last month in October, and starting in November is now only available on Clipper.

    So still 4-5 months of Muni Only paper Fast Passes left

    From the SFMTA Website:

    The existing Muni paper monthly Passes will transition over to the Clipper card. Within the next few months, customers will need to load their monthly pass to a Clipper card or a TransLink card.

    The last month for each type of paper pass and Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Sticker is as follows:

    – Adult fare Muni/BART “A” Fast Pass and RTC Sticker: October.
    – Senior and Youth monthly passes: January 2011.
    – Adult fare Muni-only “M” Fast Pass: March 2011.

    • Yeah, it’s real, all right. All I meant by posting it was that it represents what the “A” pass would’ve looked like the first month it was no longer available. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the information.

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