Edible Muni? (not what you think)

Yep. You’re reading that right: Crazy Sushi on 16th Street in the Mission serves up something they call the “Muni Roll.”

So tell us: How long does it take for the chefs to serve this one? What’s it made of? Go nuts, Muni riders!


  • Sam

    I’d say it’s made of the following:

    – the spicy indignation of seeing teenagers refuse to give up their seats for the elderly or disabled
    – the squashed hopes from when the 8X roars right on past, pretending the 4th/Bryant stop doesn’t even exist
    – the tang of the hobo-smell at Civic Center station
    – and it’s all wrapped in the tough skin one needs to be a daily Muni rider.

  • JC

    All I know is that Muni comes after you have long since finished the rest of your meal and they give you 3 orders of them In a row unapologetically.

  • there’s a muni roll at a sushi place out by Kennedys in North Beach too.

  • They tell you it’ll be out any second now, oh, and then maybe just another minute, but the server won’t serve it for 20 more minutes. It’s concept food.

  • Sus

    Sometimes it’ll be heading right to your table, but instead of dropping it off, it’ll just go to the person who ordered it after you, or maybe even the person after that (depending on how backed up they are on the orders and/or when the chef’s shift ends).

  • For $60/month, you can eat as many as you want. But they smell really bad.

  • ‘Muni Roll’ just seems disingenuous. I propose one of the following:
    -Muni Stalled
    -Muni Stuck In Traffic
    -Muni Is 38 Minutes Late
    -Muni Power Claw Thingy Is Off The Wire Again

  • They jack the price, then tell you that the chef insists on being the second-highest paid sushi chef in the U.S.

  • Dexter Wong

    According to their website, this is the real contents of the Muni Roll (although the other suggestions are pretty good):
    Muni Roll (8pcs) Mango, avocado, hamachi, and tobiko on top. $12.00

  • Henry Larry

    This sounds like the perfect fusion of culinary creativity and San Francisco culture. Looking forward to experiencing a bite of Muni on my plate.
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