Waiting for Muni, playing bus stop videogames

The other day, Tara and I stopped in to test one of the Yahoo Bus Derby touchscreen videogames we reported here last week. We just really want an OK Go show in the Mission, okay?

Well, I won’t give away the ending of the video above. But I will say that my neighborhood is better than yours. Oh, hell yeah! (By the way, I think the last game I played before this was Space Invaders, but I can’t be sure …)

Have you played yet? Here’s a list of all the locations. Send us video or stories of your experiences, and let us know which hood you’re playing for.



  • Anything that makes waiting for Muni fun is OK in my book, especially if it encourages neighborhood pride! I just wonder why they didn’t distribute the games more evenly around town. There are none in the Haight or Mission, but SEVEN near the Westfield? Seems a little skewed. Still, a fun idea.

  • JD

    I live in Merced Heights and am kind of miffed my neighborhood and all the ones surrounding it were left out. None of the neighborhoods surrounding Balboa Park were included (Ocean View, Ingleside, Excelsior, Sunnyside, Crocker-Amazon, etc.) It’s a pretty sizeable chunk of the southern part of the city that got left out, and Sunset/Glen Park/Bernal Heights/Hunter’s Point are definitely not close enough (most of which are 20-30 minutes away from me on Muni…)

  • Paige

    I saw when this game was being installed at a 30 bus shelter in the Marina at Chestnut and Pierce. It was quite cool seeing all the stuff behind the screen and the guys testing things out. Apparently, these games will be at the different bus shelters for the next 5 years!

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