Bus stop graffiti diary: ‘Those Funky Lords’

Muni rider Charles on the image above, which he captured:

I think it was a Bebe ad, but I can’t find an image of the original. What I find interesting is not so much the artwork but the fact that the poster was removed, modified, and returned to the shelter. (It’s also possible it was taken from elsewhere and then installed here. I didn’t notice it until after it had been painted on.) It’s on the north side of the shelter (i.e., not visible to traffic on that side of the street) and is less obviously graffiti than the tags often applied to the empty building next to the shelter, which may help to explain why the poster has not been replaced. Street artist Kaws did similar — and, in my opinion, much more interesting — work beginning in the 1990s.

The shelter is at Van Ness at Clay.

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