Comic book vendor on the 47-Van Ness

reading on muni
Photo by Anna L Conti

Muni rider Charles caught an interesting scene from the back of the 47 last night:

There was a guy attempting to sell comic books and related items to passengers. Periodically, he would hold up things and announce, to no one in particular, the price and perhaps some noteworthy aspect of the items. I wish I could have heard some of his more detailed descriptions, but I was sitting too far away.

Which brings up the question: What else should be sold (legally or not) on Muni?

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  • BT

    I don’t know what SHOULD be sold, but it’s quite common, when a bus passes a \medical\ marijuana dispensary, for somebody to get on and start selling what they just bought at the dispensary. I’m personally fine with this, though I’m not a customer. But if this is allowed, I don’t know what wouldn’t be. I get more annoyed with the guys who try to run their con games (\guess where the pea is\) on the bus.

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