Edible Gifts From Muni Drivers

A gift from the MUNI driver (only in sf):

The above photo shows a gift received from a Muni operator, according to jasontoff, who took the picture. Nice photo, but, it raises the question: Would you eat a gift like candy from a Muni driver? Is this like that creepy neighbor who only wears sweatpants and hands out apples at Halloween? You know, turn it over to mom first for inspection? Or, is it … kinda totally rad and a great-day-maker?

Well, what would you do if a Muni driver gave you some candy?


  • Jon

    From the other side. Drivers are constantly being handed food by passengers. The consensus among drivers is, accept it graciously and don’t eat it. It’s ‘passenger food’.

  • Amy

    I’d treat it like Halloween candy. If it’s packaged and unopened, I’ll eat it. If it’s, say, an apple, I’m probably going to compost it for fear of razor blades.

  • Daishin

    MUNI drivers are barely human. Please do not eat anything that they give you. Also wash your hands immediately after touching said package.

  • This is a nice gesture and should be taken as such. Say thank you like your mother taught you. If it was something I liked, I would eat it. And what’s this bad-mouthing Muni drivers? A job I would not want and I admire what they must put up with. I’ve always had nice drivers, but then, I try to say hello and thank you to them. Sometimes the crowd does not allow for that, but I think we should all be a little more civilized here.

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