SFMTA to open new sales kiosk at Geary/Presidio Ave.

Photo by Thomas Hawk

According to a release from SFMTA, on Dec. 27, a new sales kiosk will be opened at Presidio and Geary. Riders will be able to buy Clipper cards and all other types of tickets, including Lifeline Passes.

Here’s the text of the release:

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which oversees the Municipal Railway (Muni) and all surface transportation in the City, today announced that it will open a new Muni sales location at the corner of Presidio Avenue and Geary Boulevard on December 27. The $829,000 project, paid for by grants, includes two new sales kiosks. The second kiosk will replace the current one at the Powell and Market Cable Car turnaround.

Locating the kiosk on Geary Boulevard at Presidio Avenue will provide an additional sales outlet for Clipper cards and all other Muni fare media, including Lifeline Passes.

“The SFMTA continues to seek out ways to improve our customer service,” said Nathaniel P. Ford Sr., Executive Director/CEO. “The volume of customers that passes the location on Geary near Masonic makes this an ideal spot to expand our efforts to the west side of town.”

The proposed location on Geary Boulevard is at the intersection of multiple high-volume Muni routes that serve the western portion of the City, including the 38 Geary and 43 Masonic. This location is also within blocks of four other major east-west Muni routes including the 2 Clement, 21 Hayes, 31 Balboa and the 5 Fulton.


  • Coop

    About time… it’s like pulling teeth each month trying to buy the Lifeline pass at the MTA office or the DHS building.

    If this is supposed to be for the working poor who mainly work long hours and multiple jobs, it’s hard to find the time at the end of each month to stand in line for over an hour to save $30-40. Hopefully the convenience and expanded hours of this new kiosk will encourage more people to take advantage of this pass. A 200% of federal poverty level income and SF residency qualifies you, and once verified, you’re in the computer for a year.

    Look into it!

  • I am confused… Didn’t this used to be a place to buy passes, a few years ago, even? So they’re just reopening it or….?

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