For all those times Muni told us, ‘Eat me!’

Mango, avocado, hamachi, and the most plentiful, reddest tobiko ever. You have to be OK with tobiko to like this one.

We finally did!

After this post on edible Muni (still gross, and still not what you think), we decided that trying something called a Muni Roll was within the call of duty. We were fully aware that it could come 30 minutes late or not at all, and we braced ourselves for three in a row to show up after we decided to eat something else, instead. Your comments from the previous post still make us laugh.

But, none of those things happened, thankfully. Just a good old-fashioned sushi dinner like the pilgrims had. Give this one a whirl at Crazy Sushi on 16th Street and Guerrero.

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