Best Photo Diary of 2010: Every Day Is Caturday

My choice for favorite photo diary of 2010 goes to Jaymi Heimbuch. The original post featuring this photo and one other is here: Screw Monday: Every Day Is Caturday

Much to Jeff’s chagrin, I love cats. But I probably love cats on Muni even more. Every cat I’ve ever known hated being moved, be it in a bag, a car, or just about anything that wasn’t self-propelled. Cat on a leash? Forget it. Given all that, I was struck by how calm and collected this one looks. All in all, I found it impossible not to smile at this one.

The cute internet (or, rather, teh cute internets) has us all by the balls, it’s true.

This week, the editors of Muni Diaries will be sharing our picks for favorite diaries and photos of 2010. Diaries will run in the mornings, and photos in the afternoon. We also want you to tell us your favorites from this year. Feel free to use the archive drop-down over on the right to peruse the offerings. Let us know in the comments or via email. We’ll share reader favorites all day on Friday.

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