Best of 2010: Letter From an Operator’s Wife

stop back
Photo by bhautik joshi

This week, the editors of Muni Diaries will be sharing our picks for favorite diaries and photos of 2010. Diaries will run in the mornings, and photos in the afternoon. We also want you to tell us your favorites from this year. Feel free to use the archive drop-down over on the right to peruse the offerings. You’ll see, like we did, that it’s not always easy, but it’s definitely always entertaining.

Let us know in the comments or via email. We’ll share reader favorites all day on Friday.

And without further ado, Tara gets the first editor’s favorite diary: Letter No. 2 From a Muni Operator’s Wife. Here’s what she had to say about this post from May 12:

It’s not all poop stories here on Muni Diaries, nor is it even just a showcase for the silly, weird, and gross that forces brings us together (aww). Sometimes, it serves a purpose beyond entertainment, like opening the lines of communication between the angry public and the drivers we bag on. The post comprised a letter from a Muni driver’s wife and 22 comments back and forth. Sure, comments on contentious issues can trend toward personal and passionate, and we keep a pretty careful eye on it to ensure it doesn’t devolve into YouTube or, ahem, SFGate. Even so, this post provided a perspective we don’t often, if ever, get to see on the site, and I was glad to have it.

Tell us your favorite diary and photo of 2010 in the comments, or share a new tale of life aboard Muni.

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