Best of 2010: Driving Muni with a smile

In San Francisco, you really notice when people are nice. It’s not that we’re a mean town. It’s more that we are, uh, a little into ourselves. In our bubbles. Under our headphones. Zoned out. And we often exhibit little to no patience with one another, often understandably so.

And of course Muni is SF magnified times infinity.

That’s perhaps why it was so refreshing and uplifting to learn about Muni operator Tammy. Rider Greg shared his story of Tammy’s last days driving the 33-Stanyan (she now drives the 24-Divisadero) back in May. And oh how it resonated.

Nearly eight months later, it’s still my favorite diary of 2010. What’s yours?

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  • Mike

    This might be a little off topic, and a little sappy, but I just wanted to say something.

    I was going through a rough time three years ago, and was visiting San Francisco while making preparations for moving here permanently from Los Angeles, and I was carrying over 260 lbs of depression on my 6’3″ frame.

    I was born and raised in Oklahoma, and have visited or lived in most major US cities, and San Francisco is the only city I’ve ever been where two total strangers stopped me on the street, in separate incidents in the same week, to ask me if I was OK- because I looked so sad. Full stop. They didn’t ask me for money, or try to have sex with me, or try to sell me drugs. They weren’t tourists and they didn’t think I was lost- at least geographically. They just saw that I looked down and cared.

    So, San Francisco, thanks for that.

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