How Chicago does it

Image by Give a Minute

We’d like to take you on a quick detour to the Windy City. That town’s public transit agency, CTA, has taken to the internet to ask Chicagoans how to improve walking, cycling, and public transportation there. Man, first the Elevated, now this?

The campaign is called Give a Minute. It’s a pretty and well-functioning way for CTA to reach out to its constituency. And Give a Minute is active in Memphis, New York, and San Jose, also. Yes, San Jose. We hope our own SFMTA is taking notice.

And so, to plagiarize, “Hey, San Francisco, what would encourage you to walk, bike, and take Muni more often?

Thx: Daily Dish


  • leader desslok

    Hmm. How about Muni running on something called a “timetable” where the busses actually show up at the correct time according to the “timetable”?

    Faster, cleaner, safer? Yeah, this would help.

  • Cereal

    Muni already does a great job of encouraging me to walk or bike.

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