Your chance to own a Muni-form!

Yep, someone is selling a brown Muni jacket on Craigslist. Wonder who this someone is. At the low-low price of only $200, it really could be any old greedy sonebitch.

And OMG, it took all my strength to resist buying this, and instead, passing it along to you. I love you that much, mkay?


  • JC

    I’ll admit, I’m tempted too. But, the problem I have is what happens when I wear this bad boy out in the wild of SF? Don’t people start asking me where bus stops are? Where to buy a Clipper card?

    I’m still holding out for a MUNI sweater.

  • AM

    Muni Jackets generally allow you to ride free. So a lifetime pass to Muni for 4 fast passes.

  • EH

    f’real? then again, you’d have to take a muni jacket with you wherever you go thereafter. you might as well work for them!

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