49-Van Ness demolishes bus shelter

MissionMission reader Blake sent that site photos after a 49-Van Ness plowed into and destroyed the bus stop at the corner of 24th Street and Mission this afternoon. No one was hurt, according to NBC, and the driver was placed on non-driving status. No word yet on what caused the bus to jump the curb. MM commenter “Mulch” says he was on the bus, and that no one was injured. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

All photos courtesy Mission Mission reader Blake’s friend Renna’s Facebook page


  • Jerold

    Geez… I’m glad no one was injured. It looks like one of the old shelters. I guess the bus driver was doing the agency a favor by getting rid of it.

  • Sb

    That looks just like the front end of any normal muni.
    Are yiunsure yiunhave the right photo?

  • RH

    Wow! “The driver was placed on non-driving status”, I hope that means non-paid leave. Otherwise, is the driver getting a paid vacation as a reward for his incompetence?

  • At least it’s one of Muni’s older buses and the older style bus shelter (as Jerold mentioned). They were probably gonna sell both for scrap metal in the next few years anyway. Thank the Spaghetti Monster indeed that nobody was hurt, especially giving how busy that corner is.

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