F-Market operator goes ‘above and beyond’

Muni rider Jeremy is stoked on an F-Market operator he had over the weekend.

He always makes great announcements. As we started up Market Street, he began announcing “transfer points” for the various bus lines…he was even asking the passengers standing at the island platforms what bus they were waiting for. I don’t ride the busses downtown that much, so I was not aware of the changes in the weekend 9-San Bruno routing…apparently many passengers who ride that bus aren’t aware of it either. This operator was explaining where they needed to board on weekends. Apparently one of these passengers had been waiting for 2 hours for a #9.

It felt so “above and beyond.” There was an elderly gentleman on board who was looking for 1087 Market Street. The operator suggested that the guy remain in the front seat so he “wouldn’t forget” to tell him when we had reached the block.

It’s nice to see that there are some operators out there providing good customer service.

We love helpful Muni drivers! Have you had one recently? Let us know!

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