Weekend Photos: Green Envy

Photo by Thomas Hawk

This week on Muni Time Capsule, we bring you the first-ever printed Muni time table. In 1972, Muni driver Richard Morley decided that riders deserved to know when to expect buses. So he set out on his own to print schedules for riders. Yep, the first Muni time table wasn’t even published by Muni, but by a courteous and courageous driver.

In Muni news this week:

  • Car restrictions on Market Street help Muni, may become permanent (SF Public Press)
  • Editorial: Muni haphazard on accident-prone drivers (SF Examiner)
  • SF Supe Pushes To Get Free Muni Rides For Kids (KTVU)
  • Next phase begins for SF Central Subway project (KGO)
  • Empty Muni bus rams into light pole, fire hydrant (here on Muni Diaries)
  • Supes Getting Impatient With Muni (NBC Bay Area)
  • Muni Employees Now Have to Pay to Park — Just Like the Rest of Us (SF Weekly, California Beat)
  • APTA Survey: Transpo Bill Delay May Force Job Losses in U.S. Transit Industry (Streetsblog)
  • BART Puts More Police on Trains (SF Weekly)
  • Half Marathon disrupts Sunday morning Muni service (SF Appeal)

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Enjoy these photos and your weekend!

1050 Passengers
Photo by Jeremy Brooks

Municipal SF Railway
Photo by Chris Saulit

06499 Green streetcar coming
Photo by Frank Chan

Photo by ohad

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