Fancy-Pants Reporter: NYC Buses Are Better Than Muni

Photo by Jennifer 8. Lee

Oh no you din’t, Ms. 8. Lee.

Chances are you don’t know WTF Jennifer 8. Lee is. No matter. She visited our fair city last week and actually had the gall to declare that she “prefers the NYC” buses to Muni.

Also, I’m glad The New York Times has copy editors. (“Whats with all the brown?” What’s with no apostrophe, more like.)

Okay, you’re right about the brown. Most of us would prefer an orange something along the lines of 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants or something. We’ll see what we can do.


  • fermata

    in defense of the NYT, that’s Jennifer’s personal blog, so blame her for any punctuation mistakes.

  • Karli

    I lived in New York for over a year, and I don’t recall the color of the bus seats, though, I’m pretty sure some of the subway seats were orange.

    However, I DO recall far more frequent violent and frightening incidents on NYC public transportation than SF muni.

  • Daishin

    I agree with her.

  • Dexter Wong

    With regard to Muni seats, the first (back in the streetcar days) were woven rattan. Later Muni upgraded to upholstered black leather, which is comfortable, but irresistible to vandals. Which led to thin brown plastic pads in 1975. Later some rear seats didn’t even have padding, just hard brown plastic. Maybe that color doesn’t show the dirt.

  • BBnet3000

    The bus seats there are blue.

  • bleu

    Author sounds pretty defensive. Is he really this attached to the reputation of muni?

    Jennifer 8 Lee has been a NYT reporter for more than a decade. The statement that “Chances are you don’t know WTF Jennifer 8. Lee is” is true only for people who don’t read much.

    Anyway, based on my more than two decades of familiarity with both NYC transit and Muni can be summed up like this: There’s a big difference between rapid transit and mass transit and rapid transit. Muni is definitely mass transit. NYC more often than not passes for rapid transit.

  • Vincent

    Muni’s buses, the one with the I think 2xxx numbers have blue seats that are padded. These are the ones that are silver outside that was used for the K/M substitute when the St. Francis Circle had construction last summer.

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