Should we talk about the weather? Hi, hi, hi

We know what’s on your mind as Friday gets under way. No, not that, you perv. It’s this “weather” we’re having. That thing everyone is either freaking out about or making fun of us for.

This being San Francisco, several citizens have answered the unsolicited call to help us cope with these trying times. Behold, Mat Honan’s Is It Snowing in San Francisco, from which the image above comes.

And the Pepsi to Mat’s Coke, Sean C. send us the following dispatch:

I got bored at work Thursday and threw together a silly site that will be completely irrelevant in a few days. I love it.

Too lazy to look out your window to see if the mythical snow has arrived? Check out Is It Snowing in SF Yet.

So now you’re totally in the know about one of the three topics to occupy all conversations for at least the next 24 hours. Enjoy!

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