Weekend Photos: In Technicolor

Photo by Troy Holden

For all you M Fast Pass holder who haven’t done so already, March 1 (next Tuesday) is the date you’ll have to to switch to Clipper if you want to continue to buy the pass. More info about the switchover at SFMTA’s website. One bonus: you can dress up your new Clipper card with our Fast Pass Clipper Card holder.

In Muni news this week:

  • Muni chief Nathaniel Ford eyeing D.C. post (SFGate)
  • Driver salaries fueling deficit (SF Examiner)
  • Frustrated Clipper Card users to receive new customer service location (SF Examiner, SFAppeal)
  • Mayor Lee Must Make SFMTA Act Quickly on TEP Implementation (Streetsblog SF)
  • Another Reason MTA Head Nat Ford Might Want to Flee SF: Tax Troubles (SF Appeal)
  • Mayor Lee Rides Muni Occasionally (The Bay Citizen)
  • New low-floor Muni buses bring some passengers down (SF Examiner)
  • SFMTA to repair Muni rail segment over the weekend (KGO, SF Appeal)
  • Muni faces possible fines over numerous safety violations (see our summary)
  • SFMTA to repair Muni rail segment (ABC7)

Enjoy these photos and your weekend! Will there be snow?

Photo by mtarlock

Versus The Light Rail
Photo by Ariel Dovas

MUNI - L Taraval San Francisco
Photo by librarygroover

4th and King
Photo by carlosgomez

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