Unconventional Muni Shelters

Miquel at The Tender spotted this … thing on “the backside” of the Main Branch of the SF Public Library. He calls it “Mini-Shelter.” Too cute.

On Flickr, Eric Fischer spotted this backwards shelter:
Backwards bus shelter

I believe these are facing backwards to allow handicap access because the width of the street is too narrow for the shelter to face out.

Spot any other funky bus shelters?


  • Octoferret

    There’s an old-style shelter at Woodside and Hernandez that has a little bench in it instead of the regular seats.

    And there’s two unique, modern looking shelters, one is in front of the DeYoung Museum, and the other is at 3rd Street and Palou.

    There also used to be a weird brick shelter at Euclid and Collins. It got taken out a few years after the 2 Clement got rerouted off of Euclid.

  • I’ve always wondered what the story was with the backwards shelters, but that makes sense, Jeff. I always just thought the installers were idiots who didn’t notice they’d installed them wrong…

  • I did a post on the different types of Muni shelters on my blog back in December…I found only three, but there are more… http://sftoastedblog.blogspot.com/2010/12/on-third-day-of-christmas-my-city-give.html

    Does anyone have a pic of the one that was at the Cable Car Turnaround at Bay and Taylor? That got taken down recently.

    Oh! There’s one at Fort Mason, Macarthur and Franklin, and another one at Junipero Serra and Ocean.

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