Have Muni write a doctor’s note when Munifail occurs

SF Appeal and everyone in San Francisco with a Twitter account reports on nearly systemwide service issues this morning.

And so Muni rider Kath decided to take matters into her own hands, so to speak:

Yes, I was late today — very late — despite leaving early in hopes of having time to grab a cup of coffee before work. And yes, it was Muni’s fault… it took 20 minutes to get from Castro to Van Ness (via metro tunnel), for starters. So, yes, I DID make them write me a late note when I finally got to Embarcadero station. I plan on doing this every time they make me late from now on. And I encourage you to do the same!

— Kath

PS: of course, the delay really started at 7.45A this morning, but for this first-time late note I’ll take what I can get.

Go, Kath!


  • Kristin

    They do this is in Japan – they actually pass out the notes for you to grab on your way out of the station to give to your employer, on official letterhead. I only had to take one a handful of times as Tokyo public transport is rarely late (usually it is a case of major train failure or suicide on the tracks). Here, it seems I am late 2-3 times a week due to my 16X not showing up, or the N I take to get to the 16X being inconsistent. Shame on you, MUNI, for getting me and lots of other commuters late to work everyday.

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