About those ladybugs on the N-Judah Monday


On Monday, we ran a photo and micro-story by @sunaena about ladybugs running wild on the N-Judah. Today, Marta reports on the incident in deeper detail:

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… a guy drops (accidentally or intentionally was unclear) a container with hundreds of ladybugs on a packed train during rush hour.

No one attempted to recapture the bugs right away, so they proceeded to start crawling all of the floor, walls, ceiling… and people.

Some started smashing them with their feet, and when the guy who released the bugs got off the train and there was more space, a sweet young girl started trying to sweep them back into the container so they could be released outside. So if this was some kind of social experiment… at least there are some people with a heart out there for creatures large and small.

I was reminded to submit this story when a ladybug crawled out of my bag this morning. No joke.

So now you know.

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