Free drinks with Clipper Card?

Muni Party
Photo by Jamison Wieser

Not quite. But that didn’t stop a gaggle of tweeters yesterday evening from fantasizing.

It started with a casual tweet from @murphstahoe:

Bars should be able to get a Clipper reader, and give $2 off your first drink if you rode Muni in the last 20 minutes.

We spawned a hashtag: #clipperbooze, and from there, imagination ran wild. Here are some of the musings:

and free rides over a certain BAC %! the drivers can get those portable breathalyzers 😀 — @cripsahoy

bars should just take Clipper. Would speed adoption! — @jcsnotes

I think the breathalyzers would be better used on the #muni drivers… — @duggi

They’d have to put a breathalyzer on the clipper card, though. #clipperbooze — @geekpondering

Yes! To alleviate IRS on pretax $$$, bars name drinks after lines “I’ll have a K-Ingleside straight up” #clipperbooze — @jcsnotes

Broken Clipper fare readers in bars = free drink! #clipperbooze — @LSH

Ah, San Francisco. This all reminds us of another creative use for Clipper Cards. If you’ve got other creative, alcohol-infused ideas for Clipper, don’t forget to use “#clipperbooze” on Twitter.

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