I ran into my dad on Muni. He was driving.

100 Muni StoriesThis is 10 kinds of cute. Or awesome. Perhaps horrifying, depending on how old you are. But Muni rider Andrew ran into his Muni driver father on his morning commute the other day, making it a completely unplanned dad-and-lad ride.

As Andrew says:

It was like Bring Your Son to Work Day, only with a 28-year-old kid. I asked if I could take the wheel, but he slapped my hands. Some things never change.

Also, per Andrew, this fun fact: It requires tons of torque to move the steering wheel on most Muni buses, in case there was any doubt. That’s why lots of drivers wear gloves.

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  • Salmon Dave

    …we could have our OWN local show…SHIT MY MUNI DAD SEZ…i think there is an OPEN time slot on MONDAY nights…LOL…

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