• Marc Sugiyama

    This seems to be happening quite a bit. One morning last week at least three T line trains coming into Castro were heading to Chinatown (the first two were taking out of service at Castro and the next train I was able to squeeze aboard was the third T).

  • Alex

    hahaha i saw this a week and a half ago, at forest hill station real late at night it must have been around 12ish at night and i was waiting for the T- and along came a china town bound t train?! i think muni just puts fucked up signs on their trains when they know they are going to fuck us all over at like Van ness and become a J train and go back to the LRV yard there. its kind of stupid. T-third is awful! KT is the worst muni line the others are pretty safe. i got mugged on a T-third train one night by 5 black guys. fuckin sketchy as shit!
    this destination might have been right if it were 5 years in the future.
    the central subway will connect sunnydale to chinatown, but the chinatown station doesnt exist yet.=/

  • I saw it on the N-Judah in-bound one morning, tried to grab a picture of it to send to MuniDiaries, but it didn’t come out well. Bummer!

  • Kristin

    I also saw this on the N inbound. So strange!

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