Muni of the Future, Today

Orion Hybrid Prototype

J.B. Davis snapped this photo of a sleek, new Muni bus sitting at one of the bus yards. Here’s what J.B. had to say about the bus:

Guess Muni were testing this new thing out, but after speaking to someone who works at the yard, it turns out the refueling box (top) is too big and the bus wont clear the standard garage/bus washes. Looks a hell of a look better than the current hybrids SF has.

We agree. And, too bad. We’re ready for the future to arrive, already.


  • Brian M

    I love how they have to physically take possession of one of these new buses to learn that it’s too tall. Like isn’t there a spec sheet or something they could’ve looked over before spending the time, effort, and money to work with a demonstration unit?

  • Coop

    Wait a sec… Muni washes their buses?!?

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