Best Muni Tweets of the Week

Photo by @rgreenberg: “This cat’s stylin a Stacy Adams suit on #muni 31 balboa”

The @munidiaries Twitter feed is a constant stream of amusing moments on the bus. This week the tweeple of San Francisco saw some wild animals and an accordion man!

Meanwhile, on @munidiaries:

Outbound J: Guy carrying caged wild squirrel that was eating his garden, en route to release it somewhere with lots of trees. (@mrfb)

Dude is playing songs from Amelie in Civic Cntr#Muni station. Thank you #accordian man, you just made my rainy day. (@HereInSanFran)

Overheard on the Muni: “Do you know who Rihanna is?” “Nope.” (@brenden)

I literally screamed “YES!!!!” out loud in the Muni after I saw people selling Girl Scout cookies by 19th and Holloway (@unfastened)

OH on the Muni: an 8 year old girl asking her older sister “what’s Minesweeper?” #wearefossils (@turnerator)

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