Is it selfish to argue with a fare inspector?

Hitchin' A Ride
Photo by Joey Yen

Muni rider Adam vocalizes a frustration:

Riding the 44-O’Shaughnessy the other day, a fare inspector came on the bus at Forest Hill Station. She gets all the way to the back and the last guy starts arguing with her about the law (asking her if it’s required, what code the law is, etc.). He claims he doesn’t have a pass or proof of payment, and then refuses to get off the bus when she wants to issue him a citation. As soon as the cop steps on the bus, he magically pulled a transfer out of his backpack which he had the whole time.

Okay, I get some people have issues with fare-checking, but my problem is: Doesn’t he realize he’s holding everyone else hostage, because the bus isn’t going anywhere until the fare inspector’s done? Does he realize how selfish he’s being?

We doubt it, Adam. What do you think? Is it cool to argue the legitimacy of Muni’s Proof-of-Payment policy, all the while holding PoP in hand?

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