BREAKING: Fast Pass prices going up in July

April 2009 Fast Pass
Photo by eviloars

The SFMTA just announced a fare increase beginning in July 2011, mostly felt in the passes that the agency issues.

“A” Fast Passes, which allow riders unlimited Muni rides and BART within San Francisco city limits, are currently $70 per month, but will increase to $72 per month.

On the eve of its last regular day of usability, SFMTA announces that “M” passes, which are for Muni only and are currently $60, will increase to $62.

Other passes will also increase. Cable car rides will go from $5 to $6 per ride.

See all the new fares here (PDF)


  • G

    It’s time to storm Nat Ford’s office.

  • Annoying, but at least it won’t break the bank. When I saw the headline, my heart filled with dread. But this doesn’t suck as much as it could.

  • brandi

    fuckin’ a, this is ridiculous! It would be all right (not really), if they would at least increase service, fix that damned switch at the duboce tunnel exit/entrance, and stop being crappy, but to keep increasing and increasing fares is just not okay! And then they wonder why so many people fare evade? THIS IS WHY.

  • phil

    Muni should fix the Clipper readers on these buses! Just the past week, half of the buses I took were out of order. There is no excuse for not collecting fares; handheld readers should be made available just as on the cable cars.

  • JD

    I know this is completely missing the main point (and I defintely am incensed about the increase), but … you can rent out cable cars and streetcars?!

  • Jerold

    Some more info about the increase:

    I got off the phone with the spokesman before leaving the office and he said that this was planned and approved already from last year. In April 2010, SFMTA board directors were presented with the proposed budget for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. It did include those fare increases announced today.

    I think riders are surprised because they probably were unaware of the approved increase last year (I was in the same boat). And plus, there were already increases at the beginning of the New Year when the “M” Fast Pass was created and then later in May for Youth/Senior.

    Also, the MTA bases their fare increases by the Consumer Price Index, hence the odd amount increase on the Fast Passes.

  • johnny

    yes this blows, but how about making a year round pass deal for the people who are comitted to muni? has that been discussd??

  • Annette

    so all that money they said they saved on paper passes is going to improvements, more buses where needed, and keeping fares stable right?

    such bullshit. the thing is the higher the fares the less likely anyone is to get them bc at one point the cost just barely breaks even

    but i guess that’s what they want?

  • Jeff

    More money for service that just gets crappier and crappier?

    How many times was I held hostage in a stalled train in the tunnel this month? Give me a break.

    I say boycott.

  • Vincent

    I don’t see the point of increasing the passes by $2 while cash fares have not increased other than the cable cars.

  • jen

    No, $2.00 increase is not that big a deal, but it’s the principle of the whole thing. Less and less “service” and increased safety concerns. Why should we be expected to shoulder the costs of MTA’s fiscal irresponsibilities??

  • soupdeldia

    How can it be right to raise the fare for one group of riders (those who use a monthly pass). Those who don’t ride enough to make a pass worth it won’t see a far increase. Not right. I’ll be walking more, and paying the cash fare when I have to ride a bus.

    I’d be all for a rider strike. Just say the word.

  • FED UP

    Increasing fares and decreasing service & accountability is simply not justified!

    Where do we draw the line! Enough is enough!!

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