The dog as hot as Handsome Montana man and other great Muni tweets

It’s no secret that we at Muni Diaries love animals. So naturally it caught our eye (and heartstrings) to see @pickupabook post the photo above and tweet about the “Prettiest thing I’ve seen on the Muni… Handsome Montana man excluded.” Makes us wonder what Handsome Montana man looks like.

Here are some more of our favorite Muni tweets of the past week:

“when i look in the mirror i look like a stoner with a bad cold = solo muni seat!”
by @powerboybass

“An elementary school aged child just peered over my arm to look at my Twitter feed while on #Muni. How cute and nosy!”
by @lsh

“Muni at rush hour is like playing Twister in an earthquake, except yr hands go on metal bars instead of fun colorful dots.”
by @mikemccaffrey

“The guy next to me on muni just made the young girl kiss his iguana (named Anna). Oh, sf.”
by @sfbaily

“said to me on muni: Guy: Did your lip piercing hurt Me: No Guy: I was going to say if you give me 20 I can torture you.”
by @cantaloupebeard

“Stalled on a #Muni train. What exactly do I need to do to turn this thing into a Coors Bullet Train?”
by @zachb

“drunks in orange on #Muni. Welcome to baseball season!”
by @ckblack007

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