How Fucked Is Muni?

Not to be outdone by, mysterious local internetians have taken online.

Sleek graphics, seamless interface, advanced functionality … qualities that would work well in a public transportation system, right?

I decided to test out my two alternative routes to work:

The 14-Mission: The 14 is not particularly fucked.
The 49-Van Ness: The 49 is not particularly fucked.

Hey, at least I’m armed with that knowledge …

Try out How Fucked Is Muni now!

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  • Sam

    I don’t think I’ve ever been a “mysterious local internetian” before!

    I was bored this weekend and decided to put this thing together. Right now it bases its decision on how many vehicles on the line NextMuni flags as delayed, the shortest gap between two vehicles in the same direction, and the longest gap between two vehicles in the same direction.

    Upcoming features: hiding routes that aren’t running right now, basing the thresholds for the shortest/longest gaps on the published schedule’s headway for the line, displaying status for all lines on the front page… and perhaps more!

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