Via @cripsahoy, ‘Muni drinking game rules’

did you know it's legal to drink on muni?
Photo by arlen

We found this genius drinking game over at A Streetcar Named Taraval:

Take a shot:
• You get short turned (two if it’s before sunset ave or 10+ blocks from home)
•An exotic animal is on the ride
•Your L somehow turns into an M between Church and Castro

Sip your beer when:
•Fare evaders hop on
•Kid tagging the inside of the bus
•The vehicle has that fresh San Francisco urine/weed aroma
•Hipster dude hits you in the face with his brand new chrome bag (take another sip if he has an ironic mustache or hat. And another if he has a dumb looking tattoo)

With these rules, we’ll all be freaking wasted by the time we get to our destinations, if we remember what those were. And suddenly, all the things we bitch about with Muni won’t seem so terrible anymore. Right?

We’d add a drink for every time a yeller gets on and addresses the entire bus. And when someone’s bulbous balls — literally or figuratively — make them spread out, at-home style, into your space.

Read on at A Streetcar Called Taraval.


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