10-Townsend driver up and quits, but needs a roof over her head

Muni accident F Market smashes into 10 Townsend Bus on Market at 2nd St 4
Photo by Steve Rhodes

Bhautik has the deets on a memorable Muni ride this morning:

Get on the 10 this morning; going along and we pull up to a red light at 2nd and Folsom. The bus driver opens the doors to let people on and off, gets up out of her seat and announces to the bus “That’s it, I quit!”, and walks out. Stunned silence for a moment as she goes and drops some mail in a nearby postbox and gets back on chuckling and saying “..but I like a roof over my head better.”

Everyone laughs along and we all experience a +1 awesome start to the day. It might (allegedly) be the worst-dressed line on Muni but it’s definitely got some of the best drivers 🙂

Oh, to be present on some of these Muni rides. +1 awesome, indeed.

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