Hot on Twitter: Sleeping passengers on Muni

Dead assleep on the N-Judah
Photo by WeMeantDemocracy

Here’s our favorite Twitter conversation (twitversation?) on @munidiaries this week:

When you see people sleeping on #muni, do you ever just want to wake them up? — @faernworks

sometimes i like to sit behind them and make a loud screech then smack the window real loud. Hilarity ensues.@Jonathanstack

AHHH no way! i like to cough really loud- but that has multiple benefits… — @faernworks

OH! thats a good one too! makes me want to bust out my spray bottle and “sneeze” — @Jonathanstack

oh that’s just gross! i’ll call you out if i catch you doing that one 😉 — @faernworks

See what fun awaits when you follow Muni Diaries on Twitter?

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