Photo Diary: ‘All kinds of weird shit went down’

Photo by Heather

Heather‘s rad Muni tale is a few years old, but evergreen for us:

All kinds of weird shit went down on my bus ride back from HMCRA today–people transporting enough grape juice to quench a high school, a 60-year-old dude totally covered in (some really awesome) tattoos (we’re talkin’ legit head-to-toe, here)–but this guy wins hands down. Homie totally just rolled up onto the 33 today with this patio chair, put it down in the aisle next t to me, and sat down in it. From something like 16th and Mission to 24th and Potrero.

We missed this dude when we did a roundup of creative seating on Muni last month. Apologies.

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